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Back Pain & Sciatica

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The Problem

Back pain is the most common condition in the world and it can have many different causes. The most common causes are spasm of the paraspinal muscles, trapped nerve, slipped disc, sacroiliac joint sprain and lumbar facet sprain.

The problem with low back pain is that it can be very debilitating and can often radiate pain into the legs, causing pins and needles or numbness, and in some cases it can affect the function of the bladder and bowel.

The Solution

Chiropractic is great at treating low back pain. There are a number of hands on techniques to loosen off tight muscles, release trapped nerves and unlock stuck joints, which will help get your back moving again. It doesn't matter if you have had your back problem for a few days or many years, we can give you a thorough examination  and find out how chiropractic  care can help you get back to enjoying life again.

CALL US NOW ON  07495 925 160

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