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Neck  Pain

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The Problem

Nearly everybody in the world will suffer from an episode of neck pain at some point in  their lives but what causes it?

For some people it could come on suddenly due to an injury like whiplash from a car accident. For most people it will come on gradually, starting off with a few small twinges or a mild ache, and then they will wake up one morning and find it really painful and stiff. If there is also arthritis in the region that can aggravate it as well.

The big problem with neck pain is that it rarely stays in the neck; it will often spread pain down to the shoulders, arms and even hands. It can cause pins and needles, numbness, headaches and dizziness. It can make you feel anxious, unable to concentrate and fatigued. This is due to the close relationship between the muscles and joints in the neck and the nervous system which supplies the information to those areas.

The Solution

So if any of those symptoms listed above are sounding familiar, then you are best to come and see a chiropractor. The most important thing is to have a thorough examination to identify the cause of your neck pain and other symptoms. Once that is done, the chiropractor will create a care plan that is tailored to get you happy, healthy and well again.

CALL US NOW ON  07495 925 160

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