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Muscle Spasms & Cramp

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The Problem

Muscles spasms and cramp are a very complex issue. A quick google search will tell you a vast number of different reasons as to why they may be happening to you but won't give advice that is specific to you and your problem.

When people get muscle spasms and cramp they immediately stretch out the muscle to relieve the pain and stop the spasm, which is good. Then they go drink a glass of water in case they are not properly hydrated, which is also good.

However, what is often not taken into consideration is what is happening to the joints in the neck and back. Our muscles are controlled by the nervous  system, and so information from the brain to the body passes through the nerves and spinal cord. So if your spine is not moving properly then this may have an impact on the communication between your brain and your muscles. So instead of staying relaxed, they may be tensing up and going into spasm.

The Solution

Chiropractors are great at looking after the spine and surrounding tissues through hands on joint adjustments and muscle trigger point therapy. So if you are getting muscle spasms and cramp, then book yourself in for a consultation and we will help you get back to good health and enjoying life again.

CALL US NOW ON  07495 925 160

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