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What Our Patients Say

"I have had lower back pain for over 5 years now, caused by lifting too much at the gym! Seeing Richard has given me a positive approach to managing and improving the support for my lower back, including exercises that I can continue to use for years to come."

Dimitri S


"My knee became very painful, I saw my GP who referred me to physio. Although I got on ok, I felt I wanted more individual attention. I saw the ad for this chiropractor, phoned up and made an appointment. My treatment has been wonderful. My knee has improved greatly. I would thoroughly recommend seeing Richard to anyone!"

Mary A


"Have had back problems on and off for the past 20 years, over the past 4-5 weeks Richard has helped to ease pain/problems with treatment and exercise, in the past I have used other chiropractors, but was bought this treatment from my partner. Richard targets the areas and provides not only treatment but exercise and advice."

Jason C


"I had back and hip problems, not seen a chiropractor for over 2 years due to house move, physiotherapy not much help. I have seen a great improvement and less pain since seeing Richard. Have taken pain killers but not on any at the moment. If you are in pain give chiropractic a chance, you’ll be pleasantly surprised."


Pamela N


"I feel 100% better. I was suffering with lower back pain and very stiff shoulders and neck. This was affecting my sleep and comfort at work. I would advise all new patients to stick with the treatment, over time the improvements are really noticeable. I would recommend coming to see Richard after the pain has gone to maintain good health"


Lynsey H


"I feel 75% better. I saw Cruise Chiropractic as they were setting up their advertising stall at a local supermarket one Saturday morning. My wife had been saying to me for a long time that I needed “to get my back” sorted as periodically it would seize with a lot of pain. Within 2 days I was at my first session and now 6 weeks later I can honestly say that my back although not pain free, is much better and has not seized up since treatment began."


Nick H


"I had severe pain on left-hand side of forehead, as far as the middle, down through the neck and down to shoulder on left hand side. This occurs every other day and has done for 32 years, getting much worse for the past 7 years since developing type 2 diabetes. I have seen many practitioners over the years, especially chiropractors and physios. I saw an advert in a local paper which described my symptoms accurately. My current chiropractor is Richard Anthony. I have felt very supported and more able to cope with the pain and have complete trust in him. I still take strong painkillers but have reduced them. I also have the feeling that they don’t really work anymore. I would advise a new patient to trust the chiropractor and do any exercises prescribed regularly. I would recommend continuing treatment after the pain has gone to maintain what has been achieved."


Marie M


"I feel 80% better. Before I saw Richard I had a frozen shoulder. Richard helped me by treating the muscles in the shoulder. Now I feel much much better. If you are new to chiropractic I would really recommend Richard. He was also able to treat other problems as they arose e.g. lower back in the same sessions."

Karin H


"I had pain in my hips, feet and suffered from bad, regular headaches lasting several days and did not think anyone could help. Richard explained the treatment he was able to offer and it has certainly worked. He was completely honest that I would probably not ever be pain free but would experience less pain. This has proved the case. The joints are not so sore and though I do experience headaches still, they are manageable and do not prevent me carrying on day to day living. I have not completely stopped taking painkillers but are taking far fewer and less often. It has been well worth the expense as i feel so much better. Have faith! Do the exercises! It would be so easy to slip back into old habits so keep up with the exercises and have maintenance sessions."

Jacqui B


"I had suffered neck pain for 10-20 years. I heard about Cruise Chiropractic through a friend. Richard helped relief my acute pain so I'd recommend you give it a try. The treatment is effective. The advice was also important – as it has helped me ‘manage’ my condition/pain in the longer term with a regime of exercises. I would recommend continuing chiropractic care after the pain has gone."

Graham C


"I had acute low back pain which was debilitating. I initially went to a GP for pain relief, however I heard about Cruise Chiropractic through a family friend. Richard got me moving again and showed me exercises to help me, gave advice on correct techniques for existing fitness regime and helped me stop all pain killers! I recommend you follow the advice given, Richard really knows his stuff. I would recommend continuing chiropractic care after the pain has gone for the long term care of your back and joints."

Jon K

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