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Tension & Stress Management

When we think of stress, we often go straight to emotional stress like a deadline at work, financial difficulty or a family bereavement. However stress isn't just emotional. Stress is also chemical and physical. Everything in life impacts us in some way.

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The Problem

Chemical Stress has a big impact of our body and the way our body heals. It is affected by everyday habits like our sleep routine, what we eat and drink, how much time we spend sitting and moving around. There are many factors to this and all are important to you and your health.

Physical Stress takes place all the time, and we are not just talking about when we have done  too much heavy lifting or been exercising too long. Physical stress also occurs when we do not move enough, when we are too sedentary. Keeping the body moving is essential to keeping your joints lubricated, your muscles properly stretched and your entire body well oxygenated. When you move and exercise, every single cell in your body reacts positively and works to improve your state of health. 

The Solution

The important thing to understand is that all three forms of stress are connected. If something emotionally devastating occurs (like the death of a loved one), you will feel more chemical stress and you will feel more physical stress. So it is really important to look after yourself and work hard on all three forms of stress so you can stay as healthy as possible. 







CALL US NOW ON  07495 925 160

So if you are experiencing any form of stress, come and see our chiropractor so they can help you manage your stress properly and help you stay in the best health possible.

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