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Elbow Joint Pain & Tennis Elbow

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The Problem

Most people think that the elbow joint can only bend backwards and forwards but it is also responsible for rotating the forearm. In fact the majority of movement in your wrist and hand is due to muscles that attach to the elbow.

As a result the majority of injuries that cause elbow pain are actually because of excessive movements of the hand and wrist, which is commonly seen in various sports and jobs involving manual labour.

Tennis & Golfer's Elbow are conditions that affect the sides of the elbow where the muscles of the forearm attach called the medial (Golfer's) and lateral (Tennis) epicondyles. In both injuries the tendons of those muscles are damaged from repetitive stress activity and react, setting off inflammation in the local  tissues. This causes pain in the side of the elbow and radiates into the upper forearm. This pain is then exacerbated anytime the person tries to rotate their forearm and can also affect their wrist movement.

Another common injury is over extension of the elbow causing it to pinch into the back of the elbow called the olecranon fossa. This will trigger inflammation in the joint causing pain on movement.

The Solution

The problem with an elbow joint injury is knowing what is the best way to manage it. When should I ice it? When should I apply heat? What exercises can I do and when? 

Depending on the kind of injury you have, a chiropractor can help you with that essential advice and can help rebalance the muscles in the area and loosen off the joint if it has become stiff. So if you are wanting to get better and get back to your normal life then book in for a consultation now.

CALL US NOW ON  07495 925 160

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